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Coolfire in 2 minutes

producer/director demo

Sample the range of Coolfire’s creative and production capabilities in two minutes – from dramatic storytelling to corporate documentaries, from motion graphics to automotive training and more.

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Deloitte Canada

Impact Investing

Interviews and animation combine to explain an emerging investment approach. Produced and directed by Coolfire. Director of Photography Brian Pieters.

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Ontario Power Generation

Refurbishing Darlington Nuclear Station

The economic benefits of refurbishing the Darlington Nuclear Station is illustrated in this motion graphics video. Written, designed and produced for OPG by Coolfire Inc.

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Lyric Video

The Great Lakes Surfer

Lyric video for The Rory Cummings Band album ‘Rescued You’. Ultra-low budget production assembled using free stock footage and a few hours of DSLR shooting at the Toronto Beaches boardwalk. Filmed, edited and produced by Coolfire director and bassist for the band, Jim Bird.

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The Anniversary

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

The fire still burns for a long-married couple as they slip away and share a memory. This is the fifth in a series of short brand vignettes Coolfire’s Jim Bird produced and directed for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

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Your Natural Gas Bill

Enbridge Gas

Coolfire used a fun, illustrated approach to clearly and concisely explain how natural gas is transported to homes and businesses, and how Enbridge Gas calculates customers’ monthly bill.

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Shared Solutions

Teva Canada

Coolfire collaborated with Teva Canada’s branding agency Up Inc. to explain how Teva is successfully addressing the problem of generic drug shortages in Canada. Coolfire distilled hours of interviews into a sharply focused, compelling message.

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Something Borrowed

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

The first in a series of short brand videos Coolfire directed and produced for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, and their branding agency, Up Inc. The vignettes are shown at hotel properties and online.

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CX-5 Launch

Mazda Canada

Coolfire wrote, produced and directed a series of videos profiling Mazda’s new CX-5 crossover. Coolfire employed leading edge video technology to capture stunning studio footage of the vehicle.

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What’s In My Bill?

Horizon Utilities

What’s in my Horizon Utilities bill?  Coolfire wrote, illustrated and produced this video to answer that question.

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Father’s Day Walk/Run

Prostate Cancer Canada

Asphalt is the canvas for this computer-animated nationally broadcast public service announcement. Conceived, written and produced by Coolfire for Prostate Cancer Canada.

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Mazda5 Launch

Mazda Canada

This is one of four videos Coolfire wrote and produced to showcase the all-new Mazda5 in dealerships across Canada. Shot on the Arri Alexa digital cinema camera.

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An Unforgettable Moment

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

A banner day on the links is featured in this third brand video installment, produced and directed by Coolfire for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and their branding agency, Up Inc.

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Situational Awareness

Ontario Power Generation

This simple motion graphics ‘commercial’ is part of a Human Performance campaign for Ontario Power Generation employees. Produced very quickly with a tiny budget.

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Kingwood Homes

Marketing Video

Kingwood Homes develops beautiful, well-built homes in great communities. Coolfire directed and produced this short marketing video for Kingwood. All scenes were filmed during just one shoot day.

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Ontario Association of Midwives

20th Anniversary Celebration

The Ontario Association of Midwives celebrated 20 years of regulated midwifery in Ontario. Coolfire produced and directed this emotional video tribute.

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promotional video

SalesTestOnline helps companies hire successful sales people. Coolfire was engaged to create five short, economically-produced videos to be included in a completely revamped website.

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Handling With Care

Nuclear Waste Management

Coolfire produced and directed this information video for Ontario Power Generation’s Nuclear Waste Management division.

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