Branding agency Goods & Services asked Coolfire to help them with a fascinating creative challenge.

dentalcorp wanted to produce a short promotional video that demonstrates how they help their dental practice partners focus on what they do best – delivering optimal patient care.

Goods & Services’ creative solution started with a ‘here’s the problem/here’s our solution’ format, but then added a twist. The ‘problem’ and ‘solution’ each shared precisely the same words, but communicated very different messages when spoken line-by-line forwards or backwards – like a palindrome.

Real dentists were rehearsed and filmed in a studio using a Ronin gimbal rig in two seamless camera takes – one for each half of the palindrome.

Produced, directed and edited by Coolfire’s Jim Bird. Director of photography, Nigel Akam. Gimbal operator, Angel Navarro. Sound mix by DB Audio.