It begins with an idea, followed by a simple process. You talk – we listen. We present some creative ideas, a proposal and a detailed budget. You sign on, then we assemble a team from our large roster of talented professional suppliers, artists, production crew and performing talent. We steer the creative concept through script development, design, pre-production, shooting, animation and editing. You’re always in the loop – informed from our proven system of schedules, call sheets, meetings and correspondence. We’ll manage a clear, workable approval process that will invite your input.

First Meetings & Discovery

Let's get to know each other. Tell us about the communications product you have in mind. We’ll ask a lot of questions ... about you, about your company, about your message and about any ideas you already have about telling your story with video. Show and tell us everything you can including video examples you’ve seen online, on TV or in films. We’ll need to know when you need your video project complete. If you don’t already have a ballpark idea of your budget, talk to us and we'll manage expectations from the get-go.

Budget & Proposal

With notes from our conversation and your brief we’ll draft a proposal and budget. We start with a reiteration of your objectives followed by a creative treatment. We may include images, video samples, custom graphics and short script excerpts. Several treatment options may be offered.

We’ll draft a scope of work clearly listing the practical steps and resources necessary to get the job done. We’ll also let you know what information and resources we’ll need from you.

Our budget will itemize costs in easy-to-understand categories so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. We may also offer options at varying costs.  If we miss something, or our proposal and budget aren’t what you expected, no problem. We’ll go back and redraft a new version for you to review.

Scriptwriting & Storyboarding

Congratulations! At this point you’ve signed on and the process begins. We’ll conduct more research, get to know you better, and armed with that knowledge, draft a script. If your video is interview-based we’ll identify interview subjects and talking points, and develop a comprehensive story outline. If your project is graphic-based, Coolfire will develop artwork for your review. A storyboard with sample images, visual descriptions and scripted dialogue may also be created.


This is the left brain part of our job. It’s all about planning, details, schedules and budget control. We’re driven to maximize your budget and make the production process proceed as smoothly as possible. We’ll hire crews, cast talent, book facilities and schedule your shoot days so the work proceeds on time and without a hitch. You’ll receive a detailed production schedule as well as daily call sheets for each shoot day listing all crew members and describing how filming will proceed hour-by-hour.

We’ll also look ahead to the final delivery of your video and draft a clear, step-by-step approval process.


With a solid production plan in place, we’ll start filming. Whether the crew is a small, agile crew of two or three, or a major studio shoot with acting talent and a crew of a dozen, we’ll make sure the shoot proceeds with professional polish - on time and with minimal disruption. We hope you’ll join us to observe and participate in the process. The work can be fast-paced and intense, but almost always highly enjoyable.

Post Production (Editing)

This is the category where we usually devote most of our time. With the help of leading-edge digital video editing tools we’ll craft your footage, graphics and sound elements into a video for you to review. Our objective is to present you with a first cut in as close to finished form as possible.


We have a great track record of hitting the target with our first draft videos but changes are almost always required. We’ll proceed through second, third and fourth draft versions until we arrive at the video you want. Occasionally changes in scope emerge through the approval process impacting costs. We’ll clearly outline in writing any budget changes and submit for your approval before we proceed.

Sound Mix & Finishing

Final touches include fine-tuning colour, proofing and polishing the sound mix. Final versions of any ‘scratch’ elements (placeholder graphics, guide narration or watermarked stock footage) will be inserted into the final edit. We also do open and closed captioning in-house.

Delivery & Archive

Your video will be output and distributed in whatever format you need. We can optimize your video for online use - like YouTube or Vimeo - or provide high-quality encodes for live presentation or broadcast.

We will archive the master video, edit sequences, artwork and all media so your project can be restored and revised in the future. We back up everything and keep meticulous records so you know your project is safe.